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Dubai Visa Fees

Dubai Visa for Indians

Dubai visit is one of the widely applied visa application. We, at VISAS9 recommend travelers top apply for 30 Days Dubai Visa if the stay is for leisure and for frequent business travel purpose 90 Days Dubai Visa is highly recommended. Dubai visitors always seek expert guidance in getting visa formalities clear. Dubai visit visa from India can be issued without a fuss as our team of travel consultants remain at the disposal of our vast clientele, guiding and helping them throughout the process whilst updating them on changing requirements and guidelines as stated by UAE Embassy for issuing Tourist Visa for Dubai from India

Our travel agency has set available expert services that are targeted at simplifying even the most complicated visa procedures that demand submission of necessary documentations. Our visa assistance services have encouraged many tourists to apply for Dubai tourist visa for their personal leisure trip, since they remain assured that visa will be issued without problems. Our agency works towards updating and imparting necessary visa related information to the travelers. Documents required for 90 Days Dubai Visa application include the following:

  • Confirmed flight ticket to Dubai (both the sides)
  • Photographs duly scanned and clear
  • Passport copies of friends/relatives living in Dubai along with their residential proof and alternate local contact details
  • An invitation letter that is by friends/relatives based in Dubai

Also, we guide travelers visiting Dubai for different purposes in attestation of their documents from UAE Embassy. This has helped many of our clients to secure an employment visa, family residence visa, visa to pursue higher education or for school education in UAE. The team here also updates the travelers about the Dubai Visit Visa Charges for 3 Months which is INR 4,700. Dubai Tourist Visa Cost is also subject to change as per the rule issued by the UAE Authorities.

Our client can also send inquiries regarding the Dubai Visa Cost for 90 Days along with additional fee charges by making a simple call or sending over a query mail. The issuance of Dubai Visa for Indians also submission of personal documents that are forwarded for Attestation in UAE. Firstly, the personal/non-educational certificates are required to be pre-authenticated from the concerned home department, post which the same are sent for Embassy Attestation in UAE.

Applying for Tourist Visa Dubai 90 Days or 30 days or for 15 days has now been simplified by our agency. All you need to do is send us your passport copy & mobile number, post which our team will share the details about the visa charges and inform about various payment methods. Our team will handle all the visa related formalities and will send the same over mail once the same gets issued.

Over the years, we have managed to garner a huge clientele owing to our spotless reputation and assured visa help services. We guarantee 100% visa issuance which is mostly cleared in 2 days, regarded as one of the fastest visa service company. We need all the documents on mail which facilitates our clients to receive visa at their home.

30 Days Dubai Visa - Rs. 6000 Apply  

90 Days Dubai Visa - Rs. 18000 Apply

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